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AGELA ( A Global Eternal Life Assurance) 

 Is a  Gospel School Project Service designed,  to encourage  Humanity,  directly, to become Citizens of the Kingdom of GOD  that JESUAH  established and Inaugurated on this planet Earth during HIS first  Advent, and before HIS Ascension, so that on HIS  return to set up the New Earth ( New Jerusalem)  Mankind  Souls will be easily translated and they will take their place as kings and queens as they were meant to be even before the foundation of the World. (Ephes.1.4)   and   will   reign with HIM   in   Eternity .  ( Rev  21.2, 22. ) Before, HE ascended to Heaven , HE left us a Command *But seek first the Kingdom of GOD, and HIS Righteousness and all other things will be added unto you" (Math.6.33)  

 The Kingdom of   God  and the Righteousness of the kingdom are the   Two Priorities that  GOD gave to Mankind.

 These TWO are the PURPOSES of   Mankind's   Life on this Planet Earth.  When one knows one's purpose, one can redeem the Time.    

Seeing the situation of things,  no one knows when or how he/she will leave the earth,  serious attention is needed on the Subject.  

GOD says  " Behold ,all souls are mine, as the soul of the Father, so also the soul of the son is mine, the Soul that sins, it shall die .(Ezek.18.4)

It is a good idea to set a side a separate Funds for "PROPAGANDIZING" GOD"s Kingdom  In America ,because, every l Coin, and Currency has the inscription 'IN GOD WE TRUST" .      If America  trusts  in GOD, why is America ashamed of talking about GOD in Public? Why are we all behaving as if GOD is anything about GOD is secret?  Why is it that  Funds are allocated for all other  SERVICES, physical health, Mental health, Psychological health but no allocation is made openly for  the Maintenance of the "Souls" of my Humanity that GOD Himself , came down from Heaven, died on the cross, redeemed humanity  from his sin ,then restored  him back to his original position that HE gave him before the foundation of the World  GOD says (Luke 9.26)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   " If anyone is ashamed of ME and and MY Words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when HE comes in HIS glory of the FARTHER and of the holy angels".                                        Ezekiel. 18.4  "Behold, all Souls are mine, as the Soul of the FARTHER, so the Soul of the Son is MINE, the Soul that sins, it shall die"

" I am jealous GOD" (Exod. 20;5b)  "all Souls are Mine. HE says ' I am a jealous GOD  (Exodus 20.5b)   "Pay GOD what belongs to GOD" ( Mark 12.17b  ,Luke 20.25b)                           

in god we trust coins and bills KINGDOM OF GOD/Heaven means the Government of GOD. We are now in that Kingdom that JESUS re established before ascending to Heaven. HE instructed Humanity "BUT SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, ALL OTHER THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU" (Math.6;33)

AMERICAN ECONOMY IS IN GOD,s HAND. HE IS THE HEAD OF THE GOVERNMENT. (Isaiah 9.6-7, Daniel 2.44, Luke 4.43, Math. 16.19)

Draw souls to my Kingdom, they are mine   "  I  AM , the LORD and there is no other"  (Isaiah 45.51)     

 The KINGDOM, (DOMINION) was the first gift GOD  gave to man. Man lost it through Disobedience  (Gen 1.26)  What is KINGDOM?

 A KINGDOM is  the  governing   influence  of a king over a territory(domain) impacting it with his Personal  Will, Purposes and Intent, .

In Biblical text, the word KINGDOM  refers to GOD,s Government (Isa. 9.6-7,Dan. 2.44, Math.16.19)

The Kingdom of GOD /Heaven, means  same thing  as the Government of GOD. What then is the Kingdom of GOD that mankind MUST seek?

The Kingdom of GOD is a Governing  influence   of  GOD over the Earth,  impacting it with HIS Personal Will, Purpose and Intent, producing , :

A  Culture 
Morals and
A Lifestyle  that reflect GOD,s Desires and Nature for HIS Citizens . 

GOD,s   Original Plan was to  Extend HIS  Government from Heaven to Earth for HIS Image Man to be in charge of everything HE made . HE ,GOD would have  been   in total control from Heaven . As we all know, Man fell  HIM and Satan quickly came in, took over, the Territory (Earth) that GOD gave  to  Man and   in turn  Satan  gave Man his Nature. (Gen. 3.15) .  GOD in this verse in Genesis promised a revenge  on satan over  man's situation because of HIS infinite love for HIS Humanity.

GOD is Constant. 

HIS  Love  and Plan for HIS Humanity remains constant. HE came at the appointed time ,and redeemed HIS humanity, and then  Re established  HIS Government on Earth. GOD teaches  humanity everything that he needs to know about HIS Government /Kingdom as it is written in the Bible. HE leaves  man with instruction  "But seek first the Kingdom and the Righteousness of this Kingdom"  (Math.6.33 ) Seek my Government and the right way of doing things in my Government.                                      

This Kingdom ((Dominion)  is what sets the Framework for all the desires, passion and activities of  Man kind  and it is the KEY  to his Fulfilment personal and corporate Peace
It is also the  foundation and the source of his need to control and rule his environment and circumstances.
It is this KINGDOM Mandate that validates man's desire for Power.  Power is Natural to Human Spirit.                                                                                                                                                                      


 APPLICATION OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN lifestyle on Earth. Math.6.33                                                                                                                                                               

GOD,s Desire  for every MANKIND  is  that  man enters HIS Kingdom now;
Experiences  the Kingdom Life  
Explores  the Kingdom Life
Applies  the Kingdom Life 
Practices  the Kingdom Life and
Enjoys  Living the Kingdom Life with the; 
Promises and 
Privileges of Heaven  on Earth  . (Deuter. 28.1-14 ,  i Peter 24. 8  , Math.6.33b  and, All other things will be added unto you)

Like all other Governments in the World, the Kingdom /Government of GOD  requires that  Man must be  In: 
CORRECT and  to FULFIL the REQUIREMENTS  of GOD as  concerning 


in this  Earth, following the Principles of the Bible, which is GOD,s Constitution for the whole World.                                                                                                                                    

Righteousness of GOD ,is  Counterintuitive to that of the World System:
Instead of getting, you give
Instead of holding , you release 
Instead of  grabbing, you give up
Instead of hating, you love 
Instead of everyman for himself, show first regard to others

This is GOD,s righteous  way of  living and

This is the lifestyle of the Kingdom of GOD


A Global Eternal Life Assurance {AGELA}


John 6.35,41,48, 51      The Bread of Life              Spiritual life and Physical)

John  8. 12               The light of the world             Spiritual  world and of the  physical

John  10.7.9            The Door of the Sheep            Spiritual  Door physical

John  10.11            The Good Shepherd                 Spiritual  and Physical

John  11.25          Resurrection and  the Life        Spiritual resurrection of the Soul and of the Body

John  14.6              The Way, ,  the Truth, and the Life            Spiritual    and Physical

John  15.1,5             The True Vine .                                          Spiritual  and the Physical


 which is a Sustaining Provision  JESUS, makes it known to us that HE alone is our True source sustainer

of both the Spiritual and Physical Life in this present  world and  in the everlasting World to come.

  Surely, JESUS is the BREAD of life. During HIS   31/2 years, stay on this Planet earth,                                                            

 HE fed the world. On that PASSOVER Night, before HIS Crucifixion,                                      

HE subbed with HIS disciples and told them that  HE would not eat a meal again

with them except in HIS Father’s Kingdom. Luke 22. 7 -23, 26.29)

 BREAD Of LIFE is................GOD'S LIFE  and this  is ... RIGHTEOUSNESS
To be in Right standing /Positioning with Authority
To be in Right alignment with Authority
To have Right /and  Correct Fellowship with Authority
To be in Right Relationship with Authority
To Fulfill the Requirements of the Authority

Righteousness describes the maintenance of rightly aligned relationship with GOD, who is the governing Authority in the Kingdom of GOD, according to the Standard Principle of the Word of GOD/the Bible, in order to qualify for the right to receive governmental Privileges. That is why JESUS emphasizes   the Kingdom and the need to be righteous so that we can have All other things added unto us.
Math.6.33  “ Seek first the Kingdom of GOD and HIS  righteousness and all other things shall be   added unto you” 

This entails

A) Changing our mind and turning from our rebellion against GOD)  Placing our trust in JESUS for the forgiveness of our Sin   b) Acknowledging HIM as LORD (owner) of our lives   Our character,( nature), conscience (attitude) and conduct  (action) on our daily basis ought to follow GOD,s Standard as taught by CHRIST .We always need discipline to remain faithful in the path of  GOD. HE is our King ,no act, either  of man on Earth or of the spiritual powers of  darkness will ever remove the King of Heaven from HIS throne both here on Earth and in Heaven.(Math 28.20b)      (c) Walking in the Spirit which means to live a lifestyle of  total surrender of one"s entire life  to the LORDSHIP of CHRIST.            (d) Also cultivating the ability to hear from GOD and the habit of obeying HIS Voice in everything  (Gal.5.16,25)    (f) Seeking holiness and walking in Godly  humility with GOD, avoiding self righteousness. A humble heart continuously seeking the presence of GOD (James 4;10 , 1 Peter5;6) This leads to a righteous action acceptable to GOD.

.When we pray [Give us this day our daily bread, we are asking HIM for both HIS Provision and  fill us up with HIS everlasting  Grace to forgive others and to be  forgiven B) GOD,s Holy WORD 

John 1.1-4.Deut.8.3,Math.4.4 M nan shall not live by bread alone, but lives by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of the LORD”.  We have to open the Bible and read, eat it, for us to be nourished and to experience the grace    

C)  GOD,s Eternal Presence  Excod.25.30,Lev.24.5-9    

,Twelve loves of bread were always placed at the Holy place of the Temple representing the twelve  Tribes of Israel.  The bread was not offered to GOD, but was a type of thanksgiving for GOD,s constant Care and Presence.
Also, used as a Peace Offering
These Offerings called the bread of HIS Presence.

In the New testament ,the Showbread was used as a memorial symbol for JESUS and HIS Sacrifice on the cross of Calvary Which JESUS signified  as  the Last Supper in Math.26.26

Most assuredly, I say to you

“Moses did not give you the bread from heaven, but MY Father gives you the true bread from heaven. For the bread of GOD  is HE who comes down from  heaven and gives life to the World” John 6.32-33.  


Remember that JESUS did tell HIS Disciples that HE would not drink  again with them except in HIS Father’s Kingdom Math. 26.29

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