Purpose Driven Educational Services
Worship  and  Prayers . Bible reading and  Exaultation
Fellowship, Communion and Breaking of Bread
Spiritual Growth
Spiritual  Service

Spiritual Framework, Desires, Passion, and Activities of Mankind 
The 10 Commandments
Intercessory  Prayer  Sessions
Praise and Worship

Educational Key To Man's Life Fulfillments, Personal and corporate.
a) The two Priorities of GOD to Mankind. ( Math.6;33)
1) The Righteousness of  this Kingdom of GOD
2)The Righteousness of this Kingdom

Foundation of Man's Need To Control and Rule His Environment and Circumstances
a) The Kingdom of GOD.
b) The Righteousness of  this Kingdom

The Mandates That Validate Man's Desire For Power

Gen. 1.;26
Bible Reading ,Praise and Worship, Intercessory Prayer

The Reason Why Power Is Natural For Human Spirit


The  only Common  Assignment To all  Mankind


The Purpose Of The Two Priorities

Preaching, Teaching,   Obeying , Praying ( Share the Gospel Making  Disciples.)  

Benefits Of The Two Priorities

1.) All that is GOD is ours.   ( 2 Corinthians 1;20, Hebrew 11;10 )
(A Kingdom that has no end  whose builder and maker is GOD)
2). All  The Fullness of GOD is within us today because we are  full fledged Citizens in HIS Eternal Kingdom.
3) We are under
a) GOD,s Rulership  (Math .16; 24 )  b)   GOD,s Protection  (John10;27)  c) GOD,s Provision     (Math. 6;31--33)
4) Surrendering to  GOD,s Purpose thereby doing HIS will on this Earth while waiting for HIS return (Math.6;10)

Spiritual, Physical, And Academic Well-being

a) Humility     
b) Love     
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